Grade 10’s beginning to interpret a theme…

After only 2 weeks the art class is already busy, busy, busy! It’s great to be amongst it again. I have a very different cohort of grade 10’s this year so I’ve tweaked the Interpreting a Theme unit to hopefully suit this particular group better. I’ve added two new theme choices. Also, rather than basing their imagery collection solely on magazine and internet images I have sent them on a photography task. I gave them this planning sheet to start with (photography brainstorm). Some students took the idea very literally – for example for the theme “under pressure” they took lots of photos of their friends in various looking-stressed poses. Other photos were surprisingly sophisticated in their ideas – one student had explored the theme isolation through some moody, black and white empty spaces and single chairs around the school. This was very much a “let’s see how it goes” plan so I have some ideas for next year which will include showing a variety of Photography artists first and their approaches to a theme and also a lesson on camera angle and composition – perhaps a video tutorial or a sort of ‘take one picture – how can you take it again in 5 different ways’ could also work… what do you think? Have you had any successful lessons in photography composition and camera angles?


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