“It’s a Miguel”

“It’s a Miguel” is turning out to be one of my favorite quotes of the year. A new school and a new country comes with many challenges and changes but one thing remains at the core of my practice “It’s a Miguel”. This quote comes from a dear Grade 2 teacher at my school that opened her doors and let the new Art teacher come in for seamless, organic integration revolving around students at the core. During the How We Express Ourselves integration our conversations were about providing just the right amount of support and encouragement to the students, not too much to interrupt the flow but just enough to delicately intervene with struggles. Sometimes the students surprised you… they’ve flourished! Sometimes they haven’t quite got there but you know what? “It’s a Miguel!” it may not be the best work but actually, he’s full of pride, he’s accomplished a work of art that’s sophisticated in its concept and for Miguel, it’s rather sophisticated in its construction. I’m proud of him, his homeroom teacher is proud of him, his Mother is proud of him and he’s proud of himself, hooray!


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