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I have been an Art and Design educator for nine years. I have experience in Art and Technology in the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Art in the Diploma Programme. I have a solid foundation of Art education built from the New Zealand curriculum, which focuses on inquiry-based pedagogy and caters to a diverse multicultural society.

My kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude has served me well in my career in international education. I am adaptable and flexible. Being an Art and Design teacher in an international setting has broadened my contemporary art knowledge and influenced my personal art practice.

I bring ‘kiwi-ingenuity’ into the classroom; I differentiate, collaborate, and am resourceful and enthusiastic. It’s a great day when I know I have inspired and   motivated my students to develop their creative thinking skills. My recent experience as an elementary art teacher extended my kete (basket) of tools to engage and develop younger students. Working with elementary homeroom teachers has confirmed to me the value of collaboration. Supporting their units of inquiry, I have seen first-hand that powerful discussions take place in and outside of their classroom walls. This is where conceptual understandings are deepened and strengthened further, for the benefit of student learning.

As a multidisciplinary artist myself, I teach through range of media including painting, ceramics, photography, digital design, film, animation and three-dimensional media.

In an increasingly visual world I believe in the importance of a visual arts education to foster visual literacy skills and creative thinking skills as part of a full and rounded education. My objective is to assist my students in becoming life-long creative thinkers so they have the ability to problem-solve, strategize, design and create their way through life’s challenges.


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