Grade 10 Interpreting a Theme

Statement of Inquiry: Artists can interpret themes in unique and innovative ways

The aim of this unit is to guide students through the process of interpreting a conceptual theme visually. Students are taken through a series of activities that unpack their theme (visual brainstorms, imagery banks, photography, observation) to help them pursue what they would like their artwork to express to their audience. Artist research is open, rather than prescribing them a list of artists to research, students are encouraged to explore the art books and select artists themselves. This is excellent practice for the DP to encourage more autonomy in their creative decision making. The next stage is to work through compositional studies and media experiments/tests to establish a final work. Class critiques occur to see how their peers interpret their theme. Often changes will be made after these critiques. Their work is displayed during the MYP exhibition with their artist statements along side their work. Just like the DP!

You can find the unit 1-sheet here:

interpretive theme art 1 sheet


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