Grade 8 Creepy Cute

Statement of Inquiry: The perception of beauty is subjective.

This unit involves a close study of the artist Jeff Soto and his “creepy cute” paintings. We begin by breaking down the statement of inquiry and what is meant by the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and how that transfers to the Visual Art world. We then look closely at the work of Jeff Soto and identify the “creepy cute” aspects of his work, who the audience for his work could be and realising what one person may find creepy another person may find cute! Using this as our platform to build from, students make a formal analysis of Jeff Soto’s paintings focusing on the specific elements and principals unique to his work.

We then launch into creating a creepy cute image bank that we use to draw from, observational pencil sketches are recorded in workbooks. From there, compositional studies are completed and a final design idea is selected. Material investigation is mostly teacher-led with some very specific acrylic painting skills and techniques taught. Also, free exploration for individual discoveries.

For the skills-based side of this unit my aim is to have the students really see their paintings in layers and a number of steps before completion. To help them understand I created an exemplar taking a photo of every step and then narrating a quick time lapse to show the completion, see video below. It really helped and motivate the students, they couldn’t wait to get started!

Here is the Creepy Cute 1 Sheet – creepy cute 1 sheet

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