Grade 8 Installation Art

 Statement of Inquiry: Installation Art challenges the traditional boundaries of what Art should look like and where it should be viewed and appreciated.

This unit involved the students viewing and discussing a wide variety of installation artists and their intentions to “transform a space”. With that in mind students were guided through a range of tasks that helped them to plan their transformation of a seemingly insignificant/dull space in our school. Materials and techniques were not restricted, but students had to make sure they could explain their material selection as being influenced by the artists they had researched at the beginning of the unit. As the teacher it would have been easier (planning and preparation) to restrict the students to one material however, you cannot beat the joy and buzz in the classroom as students worked away on their individual projects, it is infectious! And good training for the DP. One moment I was helping one student find the right adhesive for cellophane so it appeared subtle and delicate, the next minute I am demonstrating to a student how to paint a wood grain. It was all action every lesson. As the students began to install their artwork and complete their artist statements (to be displayed along side their work) they could really reflect on the statement of inquiry with greater confidence, detail and a new  enthusiasm for Installation Art!

Below I have attached the “1-sheet” outlining the unit (all on one page) that the students receive at the beginning of the unit. I have also attached the Installation  Artists studied, and the MYP rubric with task specific clarifications.

installation art 1 sheet

Grade 8 Installation Art rubric

Installation artists


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