Grade 9 Cityscapes

 Statement of Inquiry: Our personal histories are shaped by travel, relocation and migration; we can tell these stories through our Artwork.

This unit was a chance for students to understand how an influence such as where they have lived and traveled can shape their work and their identity. In an International School context the results were varied and fascinating. Every visual representation displayed experiences unique and sometimes deeply personal to each student. Please see one of my students Artist Statement below for an example.

I had selected three Artists to research and discuss, Franz Ackerman, Nicola Lopez and Julie Mehretu. We discussed where their imagery may have come from, what their personal history could be. Also, a range of elements and principals of Art with a focus on perspective, color, repetition and composition. Students were then guided through a range of steps that included observational perspective drawing on the iPads, 1 and 2 point perspective tutorials, creating imagery banks, posterizing images in Photoshop, compositional studies and media testing. The unit was wrapped up with one final work, artist statement and reflections.

Below I have attached the “1-sheet” outlining the unit (all on one page) that the students receive at the beginning of the unit. I have also attached PDF’s of the artists studied.

cityscapes 1 sheet

Franz Ackermann Julie Mehretu nicola lopez

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