Grade 9 Someone I Know

Statement of Inquiry: In Art, portraiture can reveal or hide aspects of the subjects personality

Essentially this is a portraiture unit, but not “draw the person opposite you and learn about proportion”. The aim of this unit is to have the students understand two important processes that will serve the students in their final year of the MYP and into the DP. Firstly, learning to use artists as an influence in the decision-making process, not to copy but to merge and blend ideas with their own and others. This is an important step towards growing confidence in individual decision-making involved in Grade 10 and the DP. Secondly, their selection of imagery and placement and how this effects the viewers interpretation of the subject, what to include, what to leave out, how do they want their subject perceived by others.

The artists used are:

Carine Abraham, Dan Taylor, Daniel Haskett, Ian Johnson, Jessie Ford, Jim Laurence, Martina Witte, Steven Tabbutt.

This particular selection of artist caters to a range of abilities in the students. Students who have excellent drawing skills can use artists that can challenge and improve their skills and other students can use artists that have made equally wonderful work by only using silhouettes and line drawings. The idea being each student can create a final work they are proud of regardless of how well they can draw a face.

For the skills section of the unit the students are guided through more traditional portrait drawing techniques. To mix things up I introduce a “portraits without pain” series of activities where we use photoshop to modify our images to line drawings or posterising images. We print these and use carbon paper to trace our faces, lots of fun!

Artists are analysed, imagery banks are created, compositional studies are completed, media experiments are recorded and at last the students complete a final work on canvas.

You can see the list of tasks in the 1-sheet attached here –  someone I know 1 sheet.

Here is the portrait artists hand out I made – scanned from the book The Big Book of Illustration Ideas 2


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