2017 – More than Letters, Typography to Reflect Learning – Professional Development Workshop, 3E Conference – International School Ho Chi Minh City

Empowering students with alternative ways to display their learning through Typography Art. Covering students as artists and designers in the pursuit of taking the art of letters and turning them into their own works of art. Works of art where the materials used, the form, color, shape and construction contribute to meaning and message. Typography art does not need to happen in the Art room, it can happen anywhere, on any scale with many types of unusual, simple and easily accessible materials. It can be made individually and collaboratively. Participants communicated ideas in a hands-on workshop and creating their own typography art.

2016 – The Possibilities of Installation Art to Reflect Learning – Professional Development Workshop, 3E Conference – International School Ho Chi Minh City

2015 – Visual Note-Taking – Professional Development Workshop

No artistic talent required! This workshop equipped teachers with the tools to begin their first visual-notetaking experience with confidence. Not to mention the benefits of using it the classroom as a reflection tool, memory aid, developing ideas, storytelling and brainstorming.

2013 – IMG_3967Visual Literacy – Professional Development Workshop.

Goodbye black text on white paper! Hello effective design! This two hour workshop coached teachers through simple design processes and techniques that can be applied to their planning and classroom resources. Hands on activities, with newly acquired visual grammar knowledge provided teachers with the skills to combine visuals and text to improve student engagement and understanding. This workshop was very beneficial for teachers with a large ESL population.

Visual Literacy from Anna Davies on Vimeo.

2014 – Blending Art & Technology in the PYP Workshop – Beijing Learning Summit, International School of Beijing.

This workshop presented a range of Art and Technology integration ideas and techniques. It involved a presentation and a hands-on component at the end. Including both Lower and Upper Elementary examples, there was a range of digital creations (and physical creations!) to view. This workshop was not just for Art and Technology specialists, nearly all examples had other subject area connections and integrations. Technologies used were iPads (and a range of apps), Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, video editing, animation and more! This workshop benefited Middle School teachers looking for ways to connect their subject area with others.

Blending Art and Technology in the Elementary from Anna Davies on Vimeo.

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